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An Intro

 Anmaré Sisters

Anna, Marlenn, Rebecca at the Anmaré Trunk Show 2015 (photo: Soo Kei)
I guess you could say it was bound to happen… ANMARÉ, not the blog… although perhaps we can say it about both.
Growing up, three sisters close in age; we spent lots of time together. Each having our unique personalities, we learned to play off of the other, expanding our interests (and tolerance). But there was always one thing weaved into each of our lives—JEWELRY.
Jewelry became our common ground.
A way to commemorate a milestone: Receiving 18k gold bangles on our twelfth birthday.
A way to express togetherness: Sharing our individual jewelry collections, until we decided to combine them in one large bin.
A way of showing a bond, a history: Passing down jewelry from generation to generation and even within generations—from my oldest sister, through my middle sister, eventually to me.
But ANMARÉ— the name itself a combination of Anna, Marlenn, and Rebecca (me)—didn’t come about until last year. Always knowing we wanted to build a business together, as women and as sisters, it took some exploring before we realized what field we should take on.
Having the strongest admiration for jewelry, only buying the ‘Pretty Pretty Princess’ game for the jewels that were included, Anna received her jewelry design degree from GIA and found a way to reinvent her love of vintage jewelry into an accessory for the modern woman. Marlenn utilizes her experience in advertising as our marketing director, and I found a way to put my creative writing degree to good use.
Let this blog be a place for sharing our ideas about jewelry (our inspirations, the meaning behind certain pieces, how to style them, etc. ), as well as, a way to share more about ourselves.
  • Post author
    Rebecca Braha
  • About the brandAnmareJewelry

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