• Necessities for a Carry-On Vacation
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    Rebecca Braha

Necessities for a Carry-On Vacation

A few weeks ago I found myself packing for a 4-day getaway to Tulum, Mexico. You can bet I was super excited to escape the NYC winter weather, yet when it came to strategizing how I was going to fit clothing, shoes, toiletries, and accessories into a tiny carry-on that meets the unrealistic standards of airline companies, I started to panic... and then procrastinate. 
But my determination to experience the laid-back, beach vibes of Tulum prevailed, and I realized the key to packing efficiently... great jewelry. Jewelry that can be worn in various ways, so when you've already worn almost all of your clothes by day two, repeating isn't as daunting as it sounds. Throw on a new necklace, change up the earrings, take your beach look from day into night.
Here are some of my favorite travel jewelry essentials:
Anmaré Stone Cap Pendant
Phantom Stone Cap Pendant


Anmaré Banana Leaf Earrings

Banana Leaf Earrings in Azurite

 Anmaré Mediterranean Ring

Mediterranean Ring in Silver/Malachite
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    Rebecca Braha

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