Anmare Anna Adjmi, Marlenn Harary, Rebecca Braha


ANMARÉ is the creation of three sisters—Anna, Marlenn and Rebecca.

For them, the line is where the past and present converge; classic pieces transcending styles and trends, still calling one’s attention to the beauty of the jewelry, as well as the one wearing it.

Sharing many cultural passions and a rich heritage of Egyptian and Syrian origin, starting a jewelry company was a natural place for their talents to come together. They gather their inspiration from scouring vintage stores around the world to wandering the halls of museums and galleries, absorbing their love of modern art and architecture. With roots in New York and a Brooklyn upbringing, they wanted to keep the creative process close to home, sourcing their materials locally and having everything handmade in New York.

ANMARÈ is more than just a jewelry collection. It is the bond between sisters, the love of all things beautiful, the spiritual meaning behind the stones, and the feelings of confidence and timelessness the pieces represent.